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💭 Imagine this scenario… 

You love creating art 🎨, capturing moments 📸, writing poetry or short stories ✏️, or creating videos. 📹

You’ve always wanted to share your creativity with the world by doing something crazy like sharing your new artwork, publicizing a photoshoot, publishing a new blog, or starting a YouTube channel.

But you’re a college student. Now isn’t a good time, right? WRONG. 🤯

Your creative project is possible with Creator Studio! 🌱 It’s our second semester running our program that will connect you with other creators, teach new creative skills, and provide mentorship from others in your creative field.

Lean more in this 1-page TLDR about Creator Studio. 😉

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Opportunities 🚀

Thread Magazine

Thread is a fashion, art, and culture publication at Cornell. They’re currently seeking to gain team members with a diverse range of interests & creative ideas to contribute to our publication. They have many positions open at all levels of commitment— writers, models, photographers, artists. ⭐

Their first g-body meeting is on Zoom on September 14th @7PM. And, you can sign up for the listserv HERE to get more info about this and future announcements. 

Tamasha Cornell

Tamasha Cornell is an open bolly-fusion dance club whose goal is to have fun, weekly dance sessions and form a close-knit community on campus. Learn more here.

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