G-Body Slides, Calligraphy Workshop, Mastermind Extension, and Creativitea Chats!


Here are our G-body SLIDES. Join our exciting 2020 projects and let’s create together!

What we covered:

  • Overview of CC✨

  • Exciting updates and upcoming events📆

  • Next Steps/Resources🚀

We also hope you got to bond with someone over your creative interests through the speed meetings!


Whether it’s your first time hearing about brush calligraphy or you could do it in your sleep, join us! We’ll guide you through how to create beautiful calligraphy.

If you’re in Ithaca, we’ll be able to send you FREE brush pens!

  • When? Sunday, 10/10 @8PM ET

  • Who can join? EVERYONE

RSVP here and we’ll send you the Zoom link!


Do you have creative goals? Participate in our peer-to-peer mentorship program!

Apply by Friday 10/2 @11:59PM ET!


Do you miss meeting new people over coffee, bubble tea, or whatever your heart desires? #Creativitea is our spin on coffee chats!

We’ll be using the app Taro Chat (created by one of our members!) where you can meet fellow creatives!

Sign up by Monday 10/5 @11:59PM ET!

Slack | Website | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | ✉️: cornellcreativescc@gmail.com